Painter and Allied Trades:

Painters and Allied Trades professionals work mainly in what are called the Finishing Trades; commercial and industrial painting, glazing (glass), floor covering installation, drywall finishing and sign and display. 

Drywall finishers, also known as tapers, start their jobs after drywall installation. They tape and apply joint compound to prepare walls for painting, wall covering or other finishes. 

Floor covering professionals install carpeting, sheet vinyl flooring, tile and laminate and hardwood floors. Their work adds the finishing touches to both homes and commercial buildings like high-rise offices, hotels and hospitals. 

Glaziers install and repair windows, mirrors, architectural aluminum windows and door framing, shower/bath enclosures, automatic doors, plastics and exterior panels. They’re the men and women who give those towering glass skyscrapers their shine! 

Glass workers fabricate aluminum doors and windows, insulated glass units, show doors, mirrors and glass tabletops. 

Hydro Blasters and Vacuum Technicians operate and maintain high pressure water blasting equipment and industrial vacuuming equipment to perform the proper removal and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials for the purpose of cleaning.

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