Cement Masons / Plasterers:

A Cement Mason works with concrete which is an essential element of construction.  It is the foundation of your home or office.  It's used to make the sidewalks and roads that transport you, and it lends its strength and versatility to build dams and power plants to light your way. There are many types of concrete construction, including decorative, stamped, stained and polished. Cement Masons work on heavy industrial, commercial and residential projects.  There is great satisfaction in being a Cement Mason, knowing that your work will stand the test of time for generations to come.

Thousands of years after its refinement as a building material, plaster still provides durable interior and exterior walls.  It decorates our shopping malls and amusement parks, and it provides fire resistance and durability in our offices and schools. The craft of the Plasterer dates back to ancient times.  While plaster is still used with great skill and affect, many new and innovative materials are also used by the modern Plasterer.  Applying Fireproofing materials to structural steel on industrial plants is the work of the Plasterer.  From decorative finishes to our nation’s infrastructure the plasterer is building America.

If you want to work with either concrete or plaster, click here to find out more about a career as a cement mason.